The 2014 Marco Graduate Fellows Evening

On April 25th, the Marco Institute hosted its annual Graduate Fellows evening to celebrate the 2013 Haslam Dissertation Fellowship recipient Katie Hodges-Kluck and the 2013 Anne Marie Van Hook Travel Fellowship recipient Scott Bevill. We also took the opportunity to announce the 2014 recipients – Thomas Lecaque (Haslam Dissertation Fellow) and Katie Hodges-Kluck (Van Hook Travel Fellow). The evening featured 20 minute lectures by the two fellows and a following reception.

Speaking on Katie’s behalf, we are both extremely grateful to the Marco Institute for the opportunities offered by these fellowships and we hope that you enjoy our talks!


Scott Bevill

Scott Bevill

R. Scott Bevill (English) is a PhD candidate in Anglo-Saxon and early modern literature. His research interests include paleography, antiquarianism, the Anglo-Saxon classroom, and medievalisms. His current research involves the wider implications of the 16th century antiquarian mood on early modern historiography, poetics, and politics.

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